W. Kerr Scott Reservoir - Pump Track

W. Kerr Scott Pump Track

The pump track is a unique mountain bike course where you can learn, practice and master the basic skills of mountain biking. The ultimate goal is to smoothly ride over the obstacles and "pump" your way around the entire course without pedaling.

Through a partnership formed with the Kids in Parks program, the pump track at the W. Kerr Scott Reservoir Pump Track has signs placed around the track with tips to increase your skills and enjoyment. In addition to illustrations and text, each sign contains a QR code that links to an educational video about each skill. Additionally, kids can register their rides on the pump track at kidsinparks.com to earn special bicycle gear.

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Location Details

Recreational Features: Mountain Bike Trails
ADA Compliant: No
Pump track at Warrior's Creek
Berm at Pump Track

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Pump Track Skills

Trail length:
0.50 miles
"Pumping" is the essential skill needed to make your bike travel through the entire course without pedaling. Pumping is the act of shifting your body weight and absorbing forces to increase your momentum.


7659 NC-268
Boomer, NC 28606
Latitude: 36.105793000000
Longitude: -81.292913000000