Privacy Statement

Your data is secure with Kids in Parks and will never be sold. Various types of data may be collected depending on your usage of the Kids in Parks website. This privacy policy will help you understand what data we collect from you and how it is used.

TRACK Trail Data

When you register your TRACK Trail adventures we collect personal identifying information (real name, user name, street address, and email address) as part of the account creation process and for the purpose of mailing the prizes you earn. This information is never shared with any other organization. Your data is stored in a database on Google Cloud Platform, protected by industry leading AES-256 encryption.

We do share some of your non-identifiable information with our TRACK Trail partners. This information includes answers to questions in your TRACK Trail registrations like gender, age, city, zip code, group size, whether or not this was your first visit, and any comments you had about the TRACK Trail. This information is all anonymous and helps our partners improve their site and use of their TRACK Trail. No personal information is ever shared with them without your express permission.



If you received a prescription from your doctor of healthcare provider through the TRACK Rx program; and, you register your adventure using the serial number on your prescription, your healthcare provider will receive a notification regarding your prescription fulfillment. That notification will not contain any personally identifiable information. However, in order for your healthcare provider to better serve your health care needs, they will be provided credentials to log-in to the back end of the website so they can see your personal information. This allows them to make notes in your patient files about your participation in the program.

As with our TRACK Trail data, your TRACK Rx information stored in our database is protected by industry leading AES-256 encryption; and, per HIPAA regulations, your personal identifiable information can only be accessed by credentialed users, and is secured using a two-factor authentication system.


Collecting Children's Data

The Kids in Parks website is designed for a parent to create a parent account and set up child profiles within that account. We ask that any child obtain permission from a parent or guardian before creating an account and using the registration features of the Kids in Parks website. We will not knowingly ask children to provide personal data.


The Kids in Parks website uses minimal cookies for the purposes of logging in to your account and maintaining user preferences throughout sessions. They are not used for the purpose of advertising or tracking beyond the Kids in Parks website.

Why Do We Collect Data?

Kids in Parks is a program of the Blue Ridge Parkway Foundation, a 501(C)(3) nonprofit organization. In order to receive funding, it is imperative the Kids in Parks program demonstrate their effectiveness to their funding and park partners. The data collected helps us improve our program and provide evidence of impact to funders and partners.