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How do I create an account?

Click the 'Log In' button at the top of the page and then click 'Create new account' or click here. Adults can create a 'parent' account and add multiple 'child' profiles within that account. Each child profile will earn their own badges and prizes as they register their outdoor adventures. You can add new child profiles at any time from the 'My Journal' page.

Create a new account
Add a new child profile

How do I register an adventure?

Once you have finished your adventure on the trail, you can register in a few different ways.

  • 'TRACK Your Adventure' button on the top navigation bar (Use this option if registering an adventure at a non-TRACK Trail)
  • 'TRACK Your Adventure' buttons in the 'Adventure' section on the trail page of the TRACK Trail you visited
  • After completing an e-Adventure, click the 'TRACK Your Adventure' button within the activity

No matter which way you start your registration, you will answer some questions about your adventure and then submit your registration. You can see your past registrations in your KIP Journal.

Do I have to go to an official TRACK Trail to participate?

No. You can register adventures at any park, trail, or greenspace (including your own backyard) and keep track of them in your journal. You will earn progress towards virtual badges but not physically mailed prizes.

How do I earn prizes?

You will earn progress towards prizes with every adventure you register. Every registered adventure will help you earn cool virtual badges that will display in your journal. If you register an adventure on an official TRACK Trail, you will have the option to earn physical prizes that will be mailed to your home. Learn more about the different prizes you can earn.

Select espanol for your prize language

¿Qué pasa si hablo español?

¡Bienvenido! Kids in Parks está trabajando para ayudar a que los niños y las familias de habla hispana participen en el programa. Hemos traducido varias de nuestras actividades más populares al español y las hemos puesto a disposición en varios TRACK Trails. Puedes configurar tu perfil para recibir premios en español por correo. Además, puede utilizar su navegador web para traducir todo el sitio web de Kids in Parks al español.

¡Feliz senderismo!

Is this program really free?

Yes! Kids in Parks is 100% FREE for kids and families. That includes the educational activities and prizes. Note: Some of our partnering TRACK Trail sites may have a parking or entrance fee.

If you would like to support our work, you can donate here. Your gift helps support our mission, connecting kids and families to the outdoors.

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