Fontana Village Resort NTDGC

Map of Fontana Disc Golf Course

A round at the Fontana Village Resort Nature Trail Disc Golf course is a fun way to explore the nature and history of the Fontana Dam region.

The property of Fontana Village Resort is infrastructure from when the Tennessee Valley Authority built Fontana Dam from 1942-1945. During this time there were approximately 5,000 workers and family members that lived here. It was the construction camp that became a resort in 1947. Most of the buildings today are renovated buildings from that era.

Fontana Village Resort is an 18 hole course that takes golfers through the mountain landscape, challenging them to cross over ravines, around trees, power their disc uphill to the basket. In the midst of this fun course they will discover the natural and historical features that have shaped the course of the Fontana Dam area.

Many holes have a short and long tee, so no matter how experienced of a golfer you are, you can have a great time!

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Location Details

Recreational Features: Disc Golf, Picnic Tables, Playground
Amenities: Restrooms, Food Service, Lodging Cabins
ADA Compliant: No
Seasonality: Open all year
View of Shuckstack Mountain from Tee 11

Adventures for Fontana Village Resort NTDGC

Birdies scorecard
Disc Golf

Fontana "Birdies" Scorecard

Trail length:
1.00 mile
Whether in good shots or in actual birds, it's always good to see as many "Birdies" as possible during your round of disc golf. The "Birdies" scorecard/field-guide was designed to help players identify some of the more common birds found at in the Blue Ridge Mountains. How many "Birdies" will you see during your round today?
Tree Love scorecard
Disc Golf

Fontana "Tree Love" Scorecard

Trail length:
1.00 mile
When disc golfers hit a tree with their disc and get a favorable bounce, they call that “Tree Love”. Use the pictures on this scorecard to identify a few of the trees found here. Every time you hit a tree with your frisbee, take a second to try to identify it. Look at its bark, leaf shape and other identifying features. Soon, identifying trees will be as easy as making a five foot putt.


300 Woods Rd
Fontana Dam, NC 28733
Latitude: 35.432504400000
Longitude: -83.821429100000