Black Hills National Forest - Mount Roosevelt Friendship Tower

Map of TRACK Trail at Mount Roosevelt Friendship Tower

The TRACK Trail to the Mount Roosevelt Friendship Tower is a moderate 0.6-mile loop hike.

The historic tower stands at the summit. It was built by the Society of Black Hills Pioneers in 1919 under the leadership of Captain Seth Bullock of Deadwood and dedicated to his friend, President Theodore Roosevelt.

From the top, you can see the beautiful landscape that was so special to these good friends. You may spot Bear Butte to the northeast and up to fifteen other buttes and peaks on a clear day.

Have fun as you travel the trail, exploring the Black Hills, and discovering its wonders!

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Mount Roosevelt Friendship Tower Sticker

Location Details

Recreational Features: Picnic Tables, Birding, Photography
ADA Compliant: No
Seasonality: Open all year
Trail to Mount Roosevelt
Aspen trees
Rocky talus slopes
National Register of Historic Places
View west of Tower
Terry Peak
Hanson Bothers Contrator (Deadwood)  stamp in stairs
Mount Roosevelt Friendship Tower
Rainstorm over the hills to East

Adventures for Black Hills National Forest - Mount Roosevelt Friendship Tower


Let's Explore Mount Roosevelt Friendship Tower

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Seth Bullock and Theodore Roosevelt met on the Dakota plains in 1892. It was the beginning of a friendship that would last the rest of their lives and shape the future of the country.

Tracks & Traces

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No animal can pass through an area without leaving traces. As you walk down the trail, use this brochure to discover the types of tracks and traces animals leave behind.

Birds of the Black Hills

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In the Black Hills, over 300 bird species can be found. From the tree tops to the ground, whether by sight or sound, birds can be found all around.


Black Hills National Forest, Mt Roosevelt Rd
Deadwood, SD 57732
Latitude: 44.396905000000
Longitude: -103.754218000000

From Deadwood, South Dakota take US Highway 85 north for 1.5 miles. Turn west on Forest Service Road 133 and drive for about 2 miles to the Mt. Roosevelt Picnic area. The trail begins at the picnic area.


This TRACK Trail made possible through a collaboration with the Black Hills National Forest.