Roy Lake State Park NTDGC

Map of Roy Lake State Park Disc Golf Course

The Roy Lake State Park Nature Trail Disc Golf Course is a 0.34 mile (one way) 9-hole course on grassy terrain. The course is mostly flat with one small hill.

Roy Lake is known for its excellent fishing, but you don't have to be an angler to enjoy all this park has to offer. Visitors will find sandy beaches, campgrounds, picnic areas, boat ramps and a variety of trails to keep them busy.

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Location Details

Recreational Features: Disc Golf, Birding
Amenities: Restrooms
ADA Compliant: No
Seasonality: Open all year
Flowers on a tree
Seed pods on tree
Hole in the trunk of a tree
Fuzzy seed pods on tree
Spruce needles
Campground at the lake
Bur oak leaves

Adventures for Roy Lake State Park NTDGC

"Birdies" scorecard
Disc Golf

Roy Lake Birds

Trail length:
0.34 miles
Whether in good shots or in actual birds, it's always good to see as many "Birdies" as possible during your round of disc golf. The "Birdies" scorecard/field-guide was designed to help players identify some of the more common birds found here. How many "Birdies" will you see during your round today?
"Tree Love" scorecard
Disc Golf

Roy Lake Trees

Trail length:
0.34 miles
When disc golfers hit a tree with their disc and get a favorable bounce, they call that “Tree Love.” Use the pictures on this scorecard to identify a few of the trees found here. Every time you hit a tree with your frisbee, take a second to try to identify it. Look at its bark, leaf shape and other identifying features. Soon, identifying trees will be as easy as making a five foot putt.


11545 Northside Drive
Lake City, SD 57247
Latitude: 45.709243700000
Longitude: -97.429464000000

Roy Lake State Park is in northeastern South Dakota, 3 miles southwest of Lake City off SD Hwy 10. 

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The TRACK Trail program is sponsored by the Blue Ridge Parkway Foundation, the Blue Ridge Parkway, and the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina Foundation.

The Disc Golf Course was made possible through partnerships formed between the Kids in Parks program and the South Dakota State Parks Department, with funds provided by South Dakota Department of Health, Healthy South Dakota Program.