Winter TRACKtivities

"To appreciate the beauty of a snowflake it is necessary to stand out in the cold." - Aristotle

Winter is a unique time to explore the outdoors. The forest becomes quiet and you can observe more wildlife scurrying about, like squirrels, deer, and birds. These TRACKtivities are great for learning about winter sights and sounds, while keeping warm on your adventures this season.
Boy playing in the snow


Moon Journal TRACKtivity

Moon Journal

Track the moon's cycle across a month to observe how it changes.

Read Owl About It TRACKtivity

Read Owl About It!

Use these helpful hints to spot owls in the winter.

Wings of Winter TRACKtivity

Wings of Winter

Upcycle a feeder for migrating birds.

Winter Animalympics TRACKtivity

Winter Animalympics

Exercises inspired by some winter animal athletes.

Winter Green TRACKtivity

Winter Green

How many evergreens can you find?

Winter Hide & Seek TRACKtivity

Winter Hide & Seek

Can you spot these common winter finds?

Winter Sound Safari TRACKtivity

Winter Sound Safari

Listen to the sounds of winter.

Winter Track Detective TRACKtivity

Winter Track Detective

Winter ground is great for finding animal tracks.

Winter Warm-Up TRACKtivity

Winter Warm-Up

Warm-up with these winter critters.

Winter Word Search TRACKTivity

Winter Word Search

A word search you can take outside.