TRACKtivities are fun, hands-on activities for all ages that can be used on the trail, at home, or even in the car. All of our TRACKtivities are organized via seasons and when they might be most applicable; however, almost all of our TRACKtivities can be used no matter what time of year. We encourage you to go through each season and find ones to try out on your next adventure. Enjoy!

If you wish to include any of these files in digital or print media, please see the requirements below and distribute them as such.
A group of girls act out a TRACKtivity

Usage Requirements

  1. TRACKtivities are 7.25 x 4.25 inches - a half-page layout.

  2. The Kids in Parks "Footprint Logo" and footer information must remain on the TRACKtivity.

  3. A TRACKtivity should be published in its intended form and there will be no alteration of the content (changing text, images, removing logos, etc.)

  4. Contents of the TRACKtivity should stay within the provided form of the TRACKtivity. Do not isolate text, typography, or imagery to use outside of the file.

  5. TRACKtivities may be used in for-profit publications but may not be sold individually for profit separate from the publication.

  6. Virtual sharing of the TRACKtivity to webpages, social media, etc. must be free and accessible to anyone with access to the internet. TRACKtivities should not be behind online paywalls. Exception: This does not apply to digital versions of printed publications or features in newsletters/websites that require memberships.


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