Newton Hills State Park

Map of TRACK Trail at Newton Hills State Park

The Newton Hills State Park TRACK Trail follows Trail D on the Blue Diamond Multi-Use Trail System. Trail D is 2.7 miles round-trip and features restrooms, a picnic shelter, and scenic views of Sargeant Creek.

Newton Hills State Park was named after William Newton who settled in the area in the 1850s. Newton's wife was a mid-wife; until the 1870s, she was the only European American north of Vermillion who could deliver babies and cure the sick.


Glaciers created this narrow strip of rolling hills and forest that is part of the geological formation called the Coteau des Prairie, which extends along the eastern boundary of South Dakota. At its highest point, the Coteau rises to more than 2,000 feet above sea level. Artifacts and burial mounds found near the park indicate that a Woodland Indian Culture inhabited this region between 300 B.C. and 900 A.D. The area's unique dark forest, amidst a vast open prairie, has prompted many recent legends, including buried gold, robbers' hideouts and horse thieves.

Nature Observation

Over 200 species of birds visit the area each year. White-tailed deer, wild turkeys, marmots, rabbits, red and gray fox and squirrels are also found within the park.

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Location Details

Recreational Features: Mountain Bike Trails, Camping, Picnic Tables, Birding
Amenities: Restrooms
ADA Compliant: Yes
Seasonality: Open all year
Picnic shelter
Bumblebee on a flower
Tree lined trail
Trail through pine trees
Yellow wildflowers
Trail stretching toward a field
Silhouette of a compound leaf
Green vegetation on the forest floor
Kids in Parks trailhead sign with brochures

Adventures for Newton Hills State Park


Animal Athletes

Trail length:
The Animal Athletes adventure challenges kids to exercise with the animals. This brochure gives kids eight different animal exercises they can do along the trail. From hummingbird hand-swings to frog hops, kids are sure to have fun getting in shape with the animals during their outdoor adventures.
Birds of South Dakota brochure

Birds of South Dakota

Trail length:
The Birds of the South Dakota brochure shows kids where to look for different birds along the trail. The brochure contains illustrations of some of the more common woodland birds and information on how to identify them through various clues.

Nature's Hide & Seek

Trail length:
The Nature's Hide & Seek brochure is designed so that kids of all ages can walk along the trail and discover common things that are often overlooked in nature. Some of them are hard to find, others are easy. Best of all, the adventure never ends because every time you walk the trail you will discover new things hiding in nature.
The Need for Trees brochure

The Need For Trees

Trail length:
By following the picture and text clues found in "The Need for Trees" brochure, kids will discover six of the more common trees found along the trail. During their adventure, kids will learn about the need that people and other animals have for trees and about the roles trees play in the forest.


28767 482nd Avenue
Canton, SD 57013
Latitude: 43.219432500000
Longitude: -96.569236700000

Southeastern South Dakota: 6 miles south of Canton off County Road 135 

From I-29: Exit 56, 12 miles east on County Road 140, 1/4 mile north



The TRACK Trail program is sponsored by the Blue Ridge Parkway Foundation, the Blue Ridge Parkway, and the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina Foundation.

The Newton Hills State Park TRACK Trail was made possible through partnerships formed between the Kids in Parks program and the South Dakota State Parks Department, with funds provided by South Dakota Department of Health, Healthy South Dakota Program.

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