Lynch's Woods Park

Rocky Creek
Fall in Lynch's Woods
Rock Bridge
Girl Scout camp
CCC Camp remnants

Wilson Rd & Walter Cousins Rd
Newberry, SC 29108
United States

TRACK Trail Details
Lynch's Woods collectible sticker featuring a bird in the creek standing in front of a bridge
Mileage: 1.00 miles
Difficulty: Easy
Terrain: Dirt/Natural
Location Features
  • Restrooms
  • Picnic Tables
  • Bike Trail
Exploring Lynch's Woods Park
Adventure through the 276-acre park and learn about the forest dwellers, animals, and history along the way! This brochure will help you identify trees, tracks, and discover the history of this Civilian Conservation Corp Park. Enjoy your exploration. TRACK your Adventure
We Can Take It (CCC) Thumbnail
We Can Take It: Life in the CCC

The CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps) was vital in building US infastructure. On this adventure, think like an enrollee and attempt their physical training.

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Natures Hide & Seek Thumbnail
Nature's Hide & Seek

There's new things to uncover in nature everyday! On this adventure, explore your surroundings and check off a few common things often overlooked in nature.

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Finding Ferns Thumbnail
Finding Ferns

Ferns are an ancient family of plants and thousands of species exist. On this adventure, follow the illustrations and clues to find a few ferns on your hike.

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Animal Athletes e-Adventure
Animal Athletes

Have you ever wanted to copy an animal's movement? On this adventure, follow along with the animal exercises on the pages and enjoy getting some energy out.

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Nature's Hide & Seek e-Adventure
Nature's Hide & Seek

Let's see what we can discover today! On this adventure, explore your surroundings and use this checklist to find common things often overlooked in nature.

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Hikin' to Find Lichen e-Adventure
Hikin' to Find Lichen

Do you kow what lichen is?! On this adventure, learn how lichen are created by algae and fungi coming together and how to identify the three types of lichen.

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Nature's Relationships e-Adventure
Nature's Relationships

Everything in nature is connected in some way, including you! On this adventure, uncover how dependent relationships are on one another within an ecosystem.

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