Mungo Park

Mungo Park Trail
Mungo Trail
Mungo Trail Map
Bridge at Mungo Park
Bridge at Mungo Park
Creek at Mungo
Mungo Park Trail
Mungo Park Trail

2121 Lake Murray Blvd
Columbia, SC 29212
United States

TRACK Trail Details
Mungo Park Sticker
Mileage: 4.20 miles
Difficulty: Hard
Terrain: Paved
Location Features
  • Leashed Pets Allowed
Hikin' to Find Lichen Thumbnail
Hikin' to Find Lichen

Do you know what a lichen is?! On this adventure, learn how lichen are created by algae and fungi coming together and how to identify the three types of lichen.

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Types of Trees Thumbnail
Types of Trees

It’s easy to get confused by all the tree species found in the forest. On this adventure, learn to identify a few of the common types of trees in the area.

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Animal Athletes Bilingual Brochure Thumbnail
Animal Athletes - Bilingual

¿Alguna vez has querido copiar el movimiento de un animal? En esta aventura utiliza tu imaginación y muévete con los ejercicios de los animales en las paginas

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Nature's Relationships Thumbnail
Nature's Relationships

Everything in nature is connected in some way, including you! On this adventure, uncover how dependent relationships are on one another within an ecosystem.

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Animal Athletes e-Adventure
Animal Athletes

Have you ever wanted to copy an animal's movement? On this adventure, follow along with the animal exercises on the pages and enjoy getting some energy out.

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Bug Out e-Adventure
Bug Out

Ready to investigate the world of creeping and crawling critters? On this adventure, recognize the differences between insects, spiders, and other arthropods.

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Flower Power e-Adventure
Flower Power

Many flowers need help from pollinators to reproduce. On this adventure, uncover how flowers attract pollinators through different sizes, colors, and smells.

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Forest Bathing Icon
Forest Bathing

Shinrin-yoku, or Forest Bathing, is the act of being fully present in the woods. On this adventure, immersive yourself in nature by engaging all your senses.

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Nature's Hide & Seek e-Adventure
Nature's Hide & Seek

Let's see what we can discover today! On this adventure, explore your surroundings and use this checklist to find common things often overlooked in nature.

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