E. Carroll Joyner Park

Map of TRACK Trail at E. Carroll Joyner Park

The E. Carroll Joyner Park TRACK Trail adventures can be used on any of the three miles of paved trails in the 117 acre park. Experience history firsthand by visiting the mule barn, tobacco barn, chicken coop and log cabin. Stroll through the pecan grove, which was planted during the Great Depression in the 1930’s, and try to find the tallest tree. New trees have been planted to fully restore and maintain the grove. Depending on the time of year, look for butterflies and other pollinators in the meadows.

Additional Features

1,000-Lawn-Seat Amphitheater

The amphitheater is an excellent venue for the popular Six Sundays in Spring concert series which gets underway each April. The venue is also available for half-day and full-day rent.

Walker Garden

Named in honor of Willie (Will) Lee and Mamie Tee Walker, who owned the farm for 36 years before selling it to Mr. Joyner in 1982, the Walker Garden boasts a formally arranged perennial garden enclosed by a picturesque stone wall. The space is a perfect setting for reading, painting, or quiet reflection.

Performance Garden

This area offers an intimate setting that can accommodate approximately 150 people. It is ideal for poetry readings, music workshops, small symphony groups, and storytelling. The space is also availale for half-day and full-day rent.

2,000 Linear Foot Stone Ribbon Wall


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Location Details

Recreational Features: Paved Bike Path, Picnic Tables, Birding
Amenities: Restrooms
ADA Compliant: Partial
Seasonality: Open all year
Brick pathway through gardens
Paved path by a pond
Tree-lined paved path
Bench by the gardens
Paved path through trees
Paved path to a sitting area and grill
Historic cabin

Adventures for E. Carroll Joyner Park

Birds of the Piedmont brochure

Joyner Park: Birds in the Piedmont

Trail length:
The Birds of the Piedmont brochure shows kids where to look for different birds along the trail. The brochure contains illustrations of some of the more common woodland birds and information on how to identify them through various clues.
Bug Out brochure

Joyner Park: Bug Out

Trail length:
Bugs come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and colors, so it can be easy to mistake one family of creepy-crawlies for another. On your hike today, use this brochure to get "Bugged Out" and learn the differences between insects, spiders, and other common arthropods.
Nature's Hide and Seek brochure

Joyner Park: Hide and Seek

Trail length:
The Nature's Hide & Seek brochure is designed so that kids of all ages can walk along the trail and discover common things that are often overlooked in nature. Some of them are hard to find, others are easy. Best of all, the adventure never ends because every time you walk the trail you will discover new things hiding in nature.
The Need for Trees brochure

Joyner Park: Need for Trees

Trail length:
By following the picture and textual clues found in "The Need for Trees" brochure, kids will discover six of the more common trees found along the trail. During their adventure, kids will learn about the need that people and other animals have for trees and about the roles trees play in the forest.


701 Harris Rd
Wake Forest, NC 27587
Latitude: 35.998519100000
Longitude: -78.514870400000


The TRACK Trail program is sponsored by the Blue Ridge Parkway Foundation, the Blue Ridge Parkway, and the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina Foundation.

The E. Carroll Joyner Park TRACK Trail was made possible by a partnership between Wake Forest Parks and Recreation, North Carolina Recreation and Parks Association, and Kids in Parks.