Eno River State Park

Map of TRACK Trail at Eno River State Park

The Eno River State Park TRACK Trail follows the Eno Trace Trail, an easy 0.5 mile loop along the edge of Eno River.


The loop trail features scenic views of the Eno River and interpretive panels describing the trees found along the trail. Minutes from Durham, Hillsborough, and Chapel Hill the Eno River State Park offers secluded wilderness trails with the serenity of a clear river drifting and cascading over a rocky stream bed. The Eno River is a swift, shallow stream flowing from northwest Orange County into Durham County for 33 miles where it joins the Flat River to become the Neuse and flows into Falls Lake. Its waters roll through wilderness, passing historic mill sites, river bluffs covered with flowering shrubs, and fords used by early settlers. Eno River State Park lies in the beauty of more than 3900 acres of natural resources. 

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Location Details

Recreational Features: Canoe / Kayak, Camping, Picnic Tables, Interpretive Programs, Birding
Amenities: Restrooms, Visitor Center
ADA Compliant: Partial
Seasonality: Open all year
Post showing the direction to Eno Trace
Rocky bank of the Eno River
Trail beside the river
Bench next to trail in the forest
Blue flower
Great blue heron wading in the river

Adventures for Eno River State Park


Nature's Hide & Seek

Trail length:
The Nature's Hide & Seek brochure is designed so that kids of all ages can walk along the trail and discover common things that are often overlooked in nature. Some of them are hard to find, others are easy. Best of all, the adventure never ends because every time you walk the trail you will discover new things hiding in nature.

Animal Athletes

Trail length:
The Animal Athletes adventure challenges kids to exercise with the animals. This brochure gives kids eight different animal exercises they can do along the trail. From hummingbird hand-swings to frog hops, kids are sure to have fun getting in shape with the animals during their outdoor adventures.

Birds of the Piedmont

Trail length:
The Birds of the Piedmont brochure shows kids where to look for different birds along the trail. The brochure contains illustrations of some of the more common woodland birds and information on how to identify them through various clues.
Need for Trees brochure

Need for Trees

Trail length:
By following the picture and textual clues found in "The Need for Trees" brochure, kids will discover six of the more common trees found along the trail. During their adventure, kids will learn about the need that people and other animals have for trees and about the roles trees play in the forest.

Let's Explore - ecoEXPLORE

Trail length:
Scientists need your help! Use this brochure to learn how to be an ecoEXPLORER and share your nature observations with real scientists.


6101 Cole Mill Road
Durham, NC 27705
Latitude: 36.073813200000
Longitude: -79.005893100000

For directions please visit the Eno River State Park website.


This TRACK Trail was made possible through a partnership formed with North Carolina State Parks, Eno River State Park, and with funding provided by the BlueCross and BlueShield of North Carolina Foundation.