Keep Exploring! Free Activities from KIP

by Allison Royal, March 27th, 2020


We hope everyone is staying safe and well as we all take precautions to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Fortunately for us adventurers, the outdoors is still open and outdoor recreation has been deemed necessary to good health and wellness across the nation. Fresh air is a great antidote for cabin fever, and a brisk 30-minute walk can help boost your immune system. So, at your own discretion, we encourage you to continue taking advantage of getting outdoors where possible. Just remember to:


- Keep to yourself, maintaining a 6-foot distance from others

- Avoid playgrounds and other community amenities such as public restrooms

- Avoid populated or heavily trafficked places

- Refrain from playdates and outings with large groups and people outside your immediate family

- Acknowledge any guidelines, restrictions, or closures mandated by your local parks, city, county or state

- Wash your hands frequently

- Clean heavily-touched surfaces often

- And if you do not feel well, please stay home


To keep your adventures always new and exciting, we’ve compiled some free activities that you and your family can do outside. We will continue to update this page with new resources over the next few weeks, so stay tuned to this page, share it with your friends, and also follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, for additional news, activities, and other Kids in Parks content.


Parent and Teacher Resources



Hide & Seek

Animal Athletes


Flower Power

Forest Bathing

Fun with Fungi

Hikin' to Find Lichen

Nature's Relationships



Animal Athletes - Bilingual (ENG & ESP)

Backyard Adventures

Bug-Out: A Creepy-Crawly Adventure

Finding Ferns

Flower Power

Fun with Fungi

Hikin’ to Find Lichen

Nature’s Hide & Seek - Bilingual (ENG & ESP)

Pond Life

Types of Trees



Amazing Monarchs

Animal Tracks

Batty for Bats

Beaks and Bills

Buds Become Blossoms

Butterfly Look-alikes

Fantastic Fireflies

Field Marks (Birds)

Finding Frogs

Flowering Diagram

H.I.I.T. the Trail

How Does Lightning Work?

Make a Moon Journal

Mushroom Madness

Oak-ie Dokie

Outdoor Orchestra

Owl Prowl

Read Owl About It!

Sensational Discoveries

Snake Search

Something in the Soil


Spring Birding

Track's Snack Pack

White-tailed Wonders

Winter Warm-up (Animal Athletes)

Weather TRACKtivity: Types of Clouds & Nature's Weather Service

Word Search Safari


Activity Blogs

Arts in Parks

Backyard BioBlitz

Creating a Nature Journal

Hiking Hobbies

Lunch in the Woods: Packing a Healthy Hiking Lunch

Walk in the Woods, Change Your Life