Adventure Stories

The TRACKs of Indigenous Americans

So many of our nation's parks reside on what were once tribal lands, so we must recognize the long histories of the places we visit. We would love to explore the indigenous history of all the parks where our TRACK Trails reside. But it would be just that. ALL the parks. So, to start, we selected a handful of sites you can visit to begin exploring Indigenous American heritage when you go TRACK the Trails.
by Allison Royal, November 17th, 2021

New Prizes to earn for your TRACK Trail Adventures!!

Lots of changes began for Kids in Parks in 2020, and this summer we're excited to release the first of this new phase of Kids in Parks! 15 new adventure cards will be replacing our current prizes, where Trail TRACKers will unlock a new card with each hike they TRACK. Each card features activities and guides for you to use when out exploring nature.
by Allison Royal, July 28th, 2021

City Nature Challenge 2021

Join City Nature Challenge this weekend and help real scientists gather data on the natural world around you! City Nature Challenge is a great way to engage with the outdoors and observe nature. You can even make your observations while hiking a TRACK Trail. Check out our list of TRACK Trails in participating city-regions.
by Allison Royal, April 30th, 2021