Current Partners

From land management agencies and healthcare organizations, to corporate sponsors and foundations, the program’s partners have coalesced around a common mission to improve the overall health of kids, families, communities, and our parks and public lands.

Founding Partners

In 2009, the Blue Ridge Parkway Foundation partnered with the Blue Ridge Parkway (National Park Service) and Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina Foundation to create the Kids in Parks program.

Financial Partners

As a nonprofit program, Kids in Parks relies on support from grant funders, corporate sponsors, and private donors. The following organizations and agencies have contributed significantly to the success of Kids in Parks:

Agency Partners

Kids in Parks has been unique in its ability to cross state and agency boundaries. The program's federal and state agency partners include:

Research Partners

Kids in Parks has partnered with universities to evaluate the effectiveness of the program. These partners include:

Healthcare Partners

Kids in Parks partnered with more than 150 healthcare partners, ranging from hospital systems, pediatric offices, health departments, and more. These partners include: 

DEI Partners

Kids in Parks has partnered with multiple organizations to enhance the program's diversity, equity, and inclusion objectives. These partners include: