Lake Louise Recreation Area NTDGC

Map of Lake Louise Recreation Area Disc Golf Course

The Lake Louise Recreation Area Nature Trail Disc Golf Course is a 1.2 mile (one way) 9-hole course on grassy terrain. The course is moderately strenuous and is on hilly terrain.

Lake Louise was made in 1932, when the south fork of Wolf Creek was dammed. Water depth in this 164-acre impoundment averages nine feet, with a maximum depth of 25 feet. Anglers and hunters come to this area for its abundant game. The park is located in the heart of pheasant and duck country.

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Location Details

Recreational Features: Disc Golf, Fishing
ADA Compliant: No
Seasonality: Open all year
Family fishing at the dock
Basket sitting next to the lake
View over the lake
Disc Golf information kiosk
Path cut through the grass
Grassy banks of the lake
Trees on the banks of the lake
Open grassy field
Fairway between two trees
Open grassy fairway
Trees in the fairway
Hole 9 basket

Adventures for Lake Louise Recreation Area NTDGC

"Birdies" scorecard
Disc Golf

Lake Louise Birds

Trail length:
1.20 miles
Whether in good shots or in actual birds, it's always good to see as many "Birdies" as possible during your round of disc golf. The "Birdies" scorecard/field-guide was designed to help players identify some of the more common birds found here. How many "Birdies" will you see during your round today?
"Tree Love" scorecard
Disc Golf

Lake Louise Trees

Trail length:
1.20 miles
When disc golfers hit a tree with their disc and get a favorable bounce, they call that “Tree Love.” Use the pictures on this scorecard to identify a few of the trees found here. Every time you hit a tree with your frisbee, take a second to try to identify it. Look at its bark, leaf shape and other identifying features. Soon, identifying trees will be as easy as making a five foot putt.


35250 191st Street
Miller, SD 57362
Latitude: 44.620019600000
Longitude: -99.140485600000

Lake Louise Recreation Area is located in central South Dakota. It is 14 miles northwest of the Town of Miller off of US Hwy 14.


The TRACK Trail program is sponsored by the Blue Ridge Parkway Foundation, the Blue Ridge Parkway, and the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina Foundation.

The Disc Golf Course was made possible through partnerships formed between the Kids in Parks program and the South Dakota State Parks Department, with funds provided by South Dakota Department of Health, Healthy South Dakota Program.