Theodore Roosevelt Statue
Theodore Roosevelt Island Scavenger Hunt

History and nature can be found together here on Theodore Roosevelt Island. Follow along the trail and discover just a few of the stories this park has to tell.


GW Parkway Map




People have used many different kids of transport to get to Theodore Roosevelt island. For many years people took the "Wood Duck" boat from the Virginia to Theodore Roosevelt Island.

Kayaking on the River


What river had to be crossed to get from Virginia to Theodore Roosevelt Island?

Boardwalk Icon


The Potomac is a tidal river, which means that the water level rises and falls with the ocean tide. There have been times when the boardwalk you're standing on has been completely underwater! The Potomac River is connected to the the Chesapeake Bay which leads to the ocean.

GW Parkway Boardwalk

What ocean is the Chesapeake Bay and Potomac River connected to?

Marsh Icon


This is a fresh water tidal marsh. Marshes (or swamps) are areas that are saturated with water. Plants like grasses, rushes, and reeds can often be found in a marsh. Look for fish, frogs, birds, or maybe even a turtle!

GW Parkway Marsh

What animal will you NOT find in the freshwater marsh?

Cypress Icon


Cypress trees are easy to recognize from the "knees" that form above the roots. Cypress trees usually grow in swamps with just their knees visibile above the water line. Scientists aren't exactly sure of the the purpose of the knees, but they are thought to help cypress trees absorb oxygen from the air, and anchor the trees in strong wind.


GW Parkway Cypress Knees

These are Bald Cypress trees which lose their leaves in fall. What kind of tree is a bald cypress?

Rocks Icon


During the Civil War, the island served many purposes including: an army camp, training ground for the 1st U.S. Colored Troop Regiment, and a Freedman's Camp for people who escaped slavery. The men who appear on the rocks in this photo were members of the the Union Army during the Civil War.


GW Parkway Rocks

Look for the bridge stretching across the river in the distance. Who is it named for?

Memorial Icon


The island you're standing on is part of Theodore Roosevelt's living memorial. The 26th president loved nature and the 'hardy life'. The statue captures President Roosevelt in the middle of one of his many famous speeches. Find the "Nature" tablet and finish the quote below:


GW Parkway Memorial

"The nation behaves well if it treats the NATURAL RESOURCES as assets which it must turn over to THE NEXT ____________ increased and not impaired in value."

You'll be able to add this adventure to your journal once you pass the quiz. Check your answers to see how you're doing!