Forest Bathing

Feeling stressed or overwhelmed? Need a way to relax or reset? Forest bathing is a very easy and effective way to recharge while spending time outside. The practice started in Japan, where it is called 'shinrin-yoku', but has caught on across the world. All you need is a little time and a peaceful outdoor space. Let's get started!


Before you start:

  1.  Look for a nice, quiet place with minimal distractions.

  2.  Forest bathing is about immersing in nature, not reaching a goal.

  3.  This isn't a normal hike. Don't worry about how far you go.

Focus on the Small Stuff

Your body has many built in sensors that help you explore the world. Spend at least 1 minute focusing on the sensations from each of the following:


Stop, Drop... and Chill


Take 5 minutes (300 seconds)to let your mind and senses wander.


Feel free to take any notes on things you observe, sensations you feel, or thoughts that come to mind.