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Buggy Bodies

Insects are a type of arthropod with a three segment exoskeleton body and six legs. If you see a critter with a different number of legs or body segments, it might be a different kind of arthropod like a spider or centipede. Let's learn how to identify an insect!

Bug body parts

The head contains the eyes, mouth, and antannae of the inset.


The thorax is the middle section with powerful muscles for moving legs and wings.


The abdomen is the largest section and holds the digestive organs.


Insects have six legs attached to the thorax. If there are more, it's a different arthropod.

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Now that we know how to identify insects, let's see how many we can find! Insects may all share the same basic parts, but they come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Can you find any of these insects on your adventure today? Tap each insect to check them off as you find them.

On what part of the body are an insect's antennae found?

Insects have six legs, which makes them...

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