TRACK Trail Brochures

Every TRACK Trail location is stocked with colorful, engaging brochures that offer fun, educational activities for all ages.

Most official TRACK Trails have a selection of four activity brochures right at the trailhead sign. The topics of the activities have been specially selected to help guide kids and families to the features of the trail. Some topics can be found at many different TRACK Trail locations, while others have been custom-designed to explore the unique features of the site.

Why Brochures?

Our activity brochures are a great way to learn about the things you might find on your hike. They're bright, colorful, and full of fun information and activities. Best of all you can take your brochure home with you to remember your adventure and even use the activities in your own back yard.

With dozens of activity brochures across hundreds of trails, every visit to a TRACK Trail becomes a unique adventure full of discoveries. Choose your favorite topic or try something new. Whether you want to search for wildlife, learn about plants, or burn off some energy, there's an TRACK Trail brochure for you. 

Find a TRACK Trail near you and get started!

Bug Out Brochure

Brochures en Español

Spanish Brochures

We offer some of our most popular activity brochures in Spanish or bilingual Spanish/English versions. 

Ofrecemos algunas de nuestras guías de actividades más populares en español o en versiones bilingües español/inglés.

If you need help locating a TRACK Trail with Spanish materials, reach out and we can help you find a location near you. You can also translate the website and use any of the eAdventures in Spanish right in your browser.

Si necesita ayuda para localizar un TRACK Trail con materiales en español, comuníquese con nosotros y podremos ayudarlo a encontrar una ubicación cerca de usted. También puedes traducir el sitio web y utilizar cualquiera de las eAdventures en español directamente en tu navegador.