Trail TRACKers of the Month: Maddy & Eli

by July 27, 2023

The featured Trail TRACKers for June are


who have tracked NINE Adventures so far with Kids in Parks!


Meet the Trail TRACKers of the Month

What's your favorite TRACK Trail? Why?
  • Maddy: "Table Rock Mountain. I liked sitting on top and taking cool pictures at different angles."
  • Eli: "Paddy's Creek¬†trail¬†at Lake James State Park because we had so many friends with us. We also got caught in a summer downpour and it was fun hiking back out in the rain."¬†


What's your favorite TRACK Trail brochure adventure?
  • Maddy & Eli: "We liked the brochure with the critters (BUG OUT) to look for while out on a trail."


What's the most exciting wildlife you've seen on a TRACK Trail?
  • Maddy & Eli: "We have not encountered many wildlife on the¬†trail. The most exciting was probably seeing a couple Blue Heron while hiking near Lake James."


What's the longest hike you've ever done?
  • Maddy & Eli: "The longest hike for us was off Wolf Pit Road, a total of 4 hours for us; it is part of the Mountains to Sea¬†trail."


What is the coolest trail experience you've ever had?
  • Maddy & Eli:¬†"The coolest¬†trail¬†experience was the one listed above. The long hike in was worthwhile because of the very wide, shallow, and quiet part of Linville River. We played in the water and sunbathed on some huge rocks before hiking back out. It was also one of our first adventures in the family JEEP."


If you could hike anywhere in the world, where would you go?
  • Maddy & Eli: "I think we would pick the Grand Canyon for the ultimate's on our bucket list!"


Do you have any tips for other Trail TRACKers?
  • Maddy & Eli: "Biking is a great way to track some¬†trails!"