Trail TRACKers of the Month: Bojo & Sierra

by January 16, 2024

Meet the Trail TRACKers of January


Who have TRACKed 7 Adventures with Kids in Parks!


What's your favorite TRACK Trail? Why?

  • Bojo & Sierra: ""Our favorite current favorite TRACK Trail is Morrow Mountain State Park because it has a lot of fun hills to climb and quartz rock to see! We also love to camp there as well!"

What's your favorite TRACK Trail brochure adventure?

  • Bojo: "Bug Out' because I love to hunt down bugs!"
  • Sierra: "'Birds of the Piedmont' because they are so pretty and sometimes hard to find!"

What's the most exciting wildlife you've ever seen on a TRACK Trail?

  • Bojo & Sierra: "The most exciting wildlife we have seen on a TRACK Trail was a box turtle eating a mushroom!"

What's the longest adventure you've been on?

  • Bojo & Sierra: "The longest bike ride we have done has been a 20 mile bike ride on Sanibel Island, Florida with quite a few water stops!"

What's the coolest trail experience you've ever had?

  • Bojo & Sierra: "Crossing a giant dead tree across a creek to the other side of the trail where we saw a huge Blue Heron!"

If you could go for a hike anywhere in the world, where would it be?

  • Bojo & Sierra: "We would love to go to Olympic National Park and explore the gorgeous mountains, rainforests, and beaches!"

Do you have any hiking tips for other Trail TRACKers?

  • Bojo & Sierra: "When you are hiking, especially in the summertime, be sure to watch out for both snakes and poison ivy!"


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