Trail TRACKer of the Month - Nora

by February 25, 2021

We are so proud of our Trail TRACKers, and that's why we like to recognize those who go out of their way to explore our trails. Each month, we honor at least one of these special explorers with the title of Trail TRACKer (or TRACKers) of the Month.

Meet Trail TRACKer of the Month Nora!
Nora has TRACKed 32 adventures through Kids in the Park, including one adventure to a Nature Trail Disc Golf Course and one of our citizen science trails.


What's your favorite TRACK Trail? Why?

"I don't have one favorite TRACK but my favorites have lakes or rivers, and bridges."


What's your favorite TRACK Trail brochure adventure?

"My favorite brochure is the scavenger hunt because it's fun to try to find different things and helps me not get bored just walking. My second favorite is Animal Athletes."


What's the most exciting wildlife you've ever seen on a TRACK Trail?

“When we were hiking in the Smoky Mountains (Oconaluftee River Trail) and we saw elk really close to us. They were Amazing!"


What's the longest hike you've ever done?

“My longest hike was about 3 miles but I didn't like it because it was too long so normally we do 1 to 1.5 miles.”


What is the coolest trail experience you've ever had?

“I love to do TRACK trails in state and national parks so I can do the junior ranger program. At Lake Norman, I got to meet a Park Ranger and I was sworn in as a junior ranger! I love Park Rangers!”


If you could go for a hike anywhere in the world, where would it be?

“My family has a dream trip where we travel up the West Coast and we hike at parks along the way and I really want to see the Redwood National Park to see the redwoods and feel like I'm on Endor like in Star Wars.”


Do you have any hiking tips for other Trail TRACKers?

“Bring water but don't bring too much stuff because it will get heavy. Loop trails are the best. It's better to go on shorter trails than to try a long trail and get tired halfway through.”