Trail TRACKer of the Month: Gunnar

by December 1, 2023

Meet the Trail TRACKer of November


Who has TRACKed 14 Adventures with Kids in Parks!


What's your favorite TRACK Trail? Why?

  • Gunnar: "I really like Fletcher Community Park because there is a Winnie the Pooh display hidden along the trail and I like the bridge that goes over the creek."

What's your favorite TRACK Trail brochure adventure?

  • Gunnar: "Hide and Seek because I like checking off all the animals and items while I hike!"

What's the most exciting wildlife you've ever seen on a TRACK Trail?

  • Gunnar: "A deer came walking in front of us while we were at the NC Arboretum." (see photo below)

What's the longest hike you've ever done?

  • Gunnar: "Pink Beds Trail Loop in Pisgah Forest." (5.1-mile loop)

What's the coolest trail experience you've ever had?

  • Gunnar: "The deer on the trail at the NC Arboretum!"

If you could go for a hike anywhere in the world, where would it be?

  • Gunnar: "Anywhere with a waterfall. Niagara Falls would be cool."

Do you have any hiking tips for other Trail TRACKers?

  • Gunnar: "Bring water and lots of snacks. Look for a stick you can use while hiking."


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