New Adventures with Track and Kip - Introducing 'Birdies'

by July 9, 2021

Kids in Parks is always looking for new, fun ways to connect kids and families to nature. And who better to lead these new adventures than our old friends, Track and Kip. 


Introducing ‘BIRDIES'

A birding adventure with TRACK and KIP 

Join Track and Kip in this new comic adventure as they venture into the amazing world of birds. 'Birdies' will teach you how birds sing their songs, where they go for winter, how you can tell a bird's diet just by looking at its beak, and much, much more. Twenty-four fully-colored pages invite you to explore various topics surrounding birds with activities you can do while hiking or at home. This is the perfect on-the-go book for budding birders who are 6 and up, and can be paired with our bird activity brochures featured at select TRACK Trails, or with our digital e-Adventure, Birds of the United States.



You can currently find 'Birdies' in select America's National Parks stores:




'Birdies' is a product of the Blue Ridge Parkway Foundation and Kids in Parks, written, illustrated, and designed by Adam Roades, Associate Director of Kids in Parks. Additional illustrations were provided by Allison Royal, KIP's Outreach Coordinator and Designer, and David Williams of Wingin' It Works. With special thanks to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, National Park Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture, the University of Texas at Austin, and Alan Schmierer.