Frosty Frisco Opening

by November 22, 2022

Residents of Frisco bundled up and headed to the park for the long awaited opening of Grand Park, including a new TRACK Trail along the Big Bluestem Trail. Temperatures were low, but spirits were high as the celebration began to dedicate the new 2.28 mile trail through a remnant of the famed Texas Blackland Prairie ecosystem. Stretching from the Red River to San Antonio, the Blackland Prairie is a long sliver of fertile ground described as a ‘sea of grass' by European settlers. 

The Big Bluestem TRACK Trail takes through a canopy of trees, including Hackberry, Ash and a majestic Bois D' Arc tree. About ½ mile in, you will find a lush prairie full of native grasses and wildflowers. Along the trail, you may observe vernal pools, which are seasonal wetlands that provide habitats for unique species of birds and amphibians.

Howdy, Texas! We're thrilled to be part of the rich outdoor opportunities of the state. This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.