First Wyoming TRACK Trail Opens Big!

by October 27, 2016

The community of Fort Laramie and surrounding areas turned out in big numbers for the opening of the Fort Laramie NHS TRACK Trail, the first in Wyoming. As the speakers engaged the crowd, the sense of pride in the natural and cultural riches of the park became evident. Park Superintendent, Tom Baker, emphasized the parks ties to the people of the community and the dedication to broadening the range of opportunities for visitors to experience the amazing resources at the Fort and bring kids outdoors. Mayor William Baker echoed the sentiment, adding that he would be utilizing the trail himself! 

Before the large crowd of kids moved to cut the ribbon across the trail, Kids In Parks speaker, Adam Roades, summed up the mission of the new trail by saying, "Kids are spending more and more time in front of video games and television. This trail is here to remind kids of all the fun they can have outdoors."

With the ribbon cut, kids and families headed out on the 1.6 mile loop trail, using their brochures to engage with nature and stopping at stations where experts helped them discover the resources around them. Some experts discussed the birds of the area while others focused on the history or plant life. Cody Jones, a Native American Actor, spoke with kids in traditional clothing along the trail. All the experts helped make the experience very exciting and interactive for everyone.

The trail at Fort Laramie National Historic Site will serve to give kids in Goshen and neigboring counties a fun and accessible place to have fun in nature and make discoveries. We can't wait to continue our relationship with the Fort Laramie community and expand the network of trails in Wyoming!