4th Annual National TRACK Trails Day

by August 1, 2022

It's that time of year again! National TRACK Trails Day is right around the corner. And like last year, we have much to celebrate in our public lands and other outdoor spaces. Three new states have joined our network of TRACK Trails, and over 2-million adventures have been TRACKed on our trails! Every day our Trail TRACKers and partners help build stronger connections between children and parks. To celebrate, we're excited to announce our 4th annual National TRACK Trails Day!


4th Annual National TRACK Trails Day — August 20, 2021

Celebrate with us!

National TRACK Trails Day is a time to celebrate kids getting outdoors through our many TRACK Trails or other outdoor agencies. Whether you hike, bike, paddle, or play disc golf with us, National TRACK Trails Day is a day to enjoy your favorite Kids in Parks location!


Find an Adventure!

Visit your favorite TRACK Trails, go to outdoor events at favorite parks, or play your favorite e-Adventures. You can find an adventure near you here, or use one of our e-Adventures in your backyard, neighborhood, or favorite park or trail! Follow us on Facebook to find any promoted events. 


TRACK the Trails!
Register your hikes during the weekend of August 19-21 for a special National TRACK Trails Day sticker! You can also share how you're celebrating National TRACK Trails Day with us on Instagram and Twitter! Use #NationalTRACKTrailsDay and #TRACKtheTrails!



2-Million Adventures

Since last year's National TRACK Trails Day, we have crossed the 2-million mark for all adventures taken on TRACK Trails. What a reason to celebrate! We've also added many new trails to explore, furthering our reach for getting people outdoors. Will you be a part of our next million?  



2022 3x3 Challenge!

Get ready to move it! This year, we'll be bringing back our virtual hiking challenge: The 3x3 Challenge!


To participate, hike 3 miles daily from August 19 - August 21 for a total of 9 miles! Then submit your hikes to our completion form. We hope to acknowledge and feature our 3x3 participants in our blog and on social media. You can complete your 9 miles in any way you choose, whether you hike, bike, run, walk, paddle, etc. You can even space the 9 miles out across the week for easier completion. Just be sure you go outdoors, to your favorite trail or park, and get out in nature! And feel free to share images of your adventures with us.