25 New Adventures in 2023

by January 16, 2024

This past year, Kids in Parks opened 25 new locations around the country. From Oregon to Florida, we launched TRACK Trails, Disc Golf Courses, and our first ever Junior Ranger Angler Trail. We also installed our first TRACK Trail MINI, which is similar to a traditional TRACK Trail but more compact. Keep reading to learn about all the sites that joined us last year and where to explore in 2024. 

South Carolina:

Photo Description: Grand Opening of the Lynch's Woods TRACK Trail in Newberry, SC.
  • Nalley Brown Nature Park
    • Description: Enjoy a 1.5-mile loop through this 150-year-old property by taking the Nalley Trail. Along the way, you'll pass trickling streams and wildlife of all kinds. Nalley Brown Nature Park has a variety of trails to lengthen your adventure.
    • Activity Brochures: Nature's Hide & Seek, Bug Out, Types of Trees, Nature's Relationships
  • Hidden Lake at Newberry Recreation Complex
    • Description: Start at the Newberry Recreation Complex to hike this 0.77-mile loop. Keep your eyes peeled for pond life as you walk around the 4.75-acre Hidden Lake.
    • Activity BrochuresNature's Hide & Seek, Animal Athletes (Bilingual), Decomposers of the Dead, Pond Life
  • Lynch's Woods Park
    • Description: Follow along the Rocky Branch Creek for a 1-mile loop through pines and old-growth hardwoods. This TRACK Trail is made up of several trails and takes hikers over several hills and creek crossings.
    • Activity Brochures: We Can Take It: Life in the CCC, Finding Ferns, Exploring Lynch's Woods Park, Nature's Hide & Seek
  • Sylvan Farm
    • Description: Sylvan Farm created this TRACK Trail just for you! This brand new 1-mile loop features farm animals, a picturesque pond, and rolling pastures.
    • Activity Brochures: Pond Life, A Quest for Dragons, Discover Sylvan Farm, Decomposers of the Dead


Photo Description: Natural Area Teaching Laboratory TRACK Trail in Gainesville, FL.
  • Natural Area Teaching Lab
    • Description: Explore upland prairie and woodland ecotone habitats on this 0.75-mile loop. With a rich diversity of plant life and landscape, NATL is a natural magnet for wildlife.
    • Activity Brochures: Birds of Gainesville, Fun with Fungi, Need for Trees, Herps: Amphibians & Reptiles


Photo Description: Grand Opening of Metzler Park TRACK Trail in Estacada, OR.
  • Metzler Park
    • Description: Meander through a forest of towering Douglas firs, Western redcedars, and other dense trees. This 0.5-mile loop follows Swagger Creek Trail and highlights the creek.
    • Activity Brochures: Nature's Hide & Seek, Creek Life, Animal Athletes, Need for Trees
  • Eagle Fern
    • Description: Take ‘Loop C,' a 0.35-mile, ADA compliant trail, through a mix of old growth trees and mature understory plants. Visitors can continue on through the forest via connector trails to extend their adventure. 
    • Activity Brochures: Birds of Eagle Fern, Creek Life, Animal Athletes, Nature's Hide & Seek
  • Morgan Lake
    • Description: Enjoy the beauty of Morgan Lake by hiking this easy, 1.7-mile loop. Keep your eyes peeled for wildlife enjoying the water, like elk, waterfowl, and rainbow trout.
    • Activity Brochures: Birds of Morgan Lake, Nature's Hide & Seek, Hikin' to Find Lichen, Sense of Adventure
  • Red Apple Trail - Mount Emily Recreation Area
    • Description: The Red Apple TRACK Trail is a 2.3-mile loop through pine forest and meadows. In the warmer months, the mountain meadows are alive with the colors of wildflowers and the songs of visiting birds.
    • Activity Brochures: Bug Out, Birds of Mount Emily, Nature's Hide & Seek, Flower Power
  • Dallas City Park
    • Description: Enjoy a stroll through the City of Dallas on this 1-mile out-and-back path along the Rickreall Creek. Don't forget to check out the Delbert Hunter Arboretum, which boasts its own trail system and a beautiful collection of plants. 
    • Activity Brochures: Creek Life, Nature's Hide & Seek (Bilingual), Animal Athletes (Bilingual), Dallas City: Need for Trees
  • Roger Jordan Community Park
    • Description: Several options are available at the Roger Jordan TRACK Trail, from a short, 0.36-mile, out-and-back walk to a 1.56-mile, out-and-back hike. Whichever path you decide to take, you'll love the sound of Rickreall Creek and the cottonwoods swaying overhead.
    • Activity Brochures: Creek Life, Nature's Hide & Seek (Bilingual), Animal Athletes (Bilingual), Dallas City: Need for Trees
  • Agate Beach
    • Description: Experience the Big Creek Watershed by exploring this one-mile section of the Ocean to Bay Trail. Whether you make your way to town or the beach, you're sure to spot a variety of birds and plants enjoying this unique ecosystem.
    • Activity Brochures: Hikin' to Find Lichen, Decomposers of the Dead, Nature's Hide & Seek (Bilingual), Birds of Agate Beach


Photo Description: Indian Boundary Lake TRACK Trail in Tellico Plains, TN.
  • Indian Boundary Lake
    • Description: Hike around the lake via this 3.2-mile loop and try to spot waterfowl, fish, and aquatic insects along the water's edge. The park features a beach, boat ramp, fishing pier, and other recreational amenities for visitors.
    • Activity Brochures: Nature's Hide & Seek, Hikin' to Find Lichen, Types of Trees


Photo Description: Grand Opening of the Seven Points - Pine Nine NTDGC in Hesston, PA.
  • Seven Points - Pine Nine NTDGC
    • Description: This nine-hole course, measuring roughly a half mile in length, is a great way to get outside and stretch the legs. Use the scorecards and tee-signs to learn about the nature you see along the way.
    • Activity Brochures: customized Tree Love and Birdies Scorecards

South Dakota:

Photo Description: Grand Opening  of the Sertoma Park TRACK Trail in Sioux Falls, SD.
  • Sertoma Park
    • Description: Enjoy this easy, 0.72-mile loop through a riparian habitat. Keep your eyes peeled for a wide range of amphibians, birds, and insects along the path.
    • Activity Brochures: Oxbow Explorers, Birds of Sertoma Park, Pond Life, A Quest for Dragons


Photo Description: Marl Creek TRACK Trail in Raphine, VA.
  • Foxtrot Trail at Glen Maury Park
    • Description: Immerse yourself in the woods on this roughly 1-mile trail. The path features many native animals and plants, including the Pawpaw tree, which is the only native fruit tree in Virginia!
    • Activity Brochures: Nature's Hide & Seek, Bug Out, Animal Athletes, Types of Trees
  • Marl Creek Trail at McCormick Farm
    • Description: This scenic, half-mile loop features a variety of aquatic habitats and wildlife, including a pond that powers the historic grist mill. Weave by water features and a small meadow filled with beautiful wildflowers and native grasses.
    • Activity Brochures: Nature's Hide & Seek, Animal Athletes, Pond Life, Quest for Dragons
  • Woods Creek Trail
    • Description: If you're ready for a longer adventure, enjoy this 2.25-mile one-way trail alongside Woods Creek in downtown Lexington. Experience towering trees throughout the hike and views of the Blue Ridge Mountains.
    • Activity Brochures: Nature's Hide and Seek, Nature's Relationships, Bug Out, Types of Trees, and Creek Life
  • Thistle Ridge NTDGC
    • Description: The 18-hole course features short, technical holes and long, wide open fairways designed to challenge every player. Take in expansive views of the Blue Ridge Mountains while using the scorecards to learn about trees and birds along the way. 
    • Activity Brochures: customized Tree Love and Birdies Scorecards

North Carolina:


Photo Description: Grand Opening  of the Rivers Edge TRACK Trail in Wilkesboro, NC.
  • Historic Bethabara Park
    • Description: Step back in time and follow this 2.3-mile loop through where the historic Bethabara Mill once stood. Remnants of the mill can be seen in the creek and an old millstone still stands.
    • Activity Brochures: Birds of the Woods and Wetlands, Pond Life, Types of Trees, Nature's Hide & Seek
  • Moores Creek JRA Trail
    • Description: Bring a fishing pole and enjoy a day on the water. Moores Creek runs throughout the grounds of this national historic site and hosts a wide variety of fish to catch.
    • Activity Brochures: Gone Fishin'

  • Rivers Edge
    • Description: Stroll down a 1.7-mile stretch of the Yadkin River Greenway from Becky's Park to the Moravian Creek Trailhead Access. Look out for birds, reptiles, and more as you follow beside the Yadkin River! 
    • Activity Brochures: Nature's Hide & Seek, Animal Athletes, Rivers Through the Ages, Types of Trees
  • Blue Ridge Parkway - Doughton Park MINI
    • Description: At Doughton Park, you can choose any trail to explore. There are nearly 30 miles of trails, and visitors will encounter historic landmarks, mountain overlooks, and many stream crossings along their hike.
    • Activity Brochures: Nature's Hide & Seek, Animal Athletes


      Photo Description: The Possum Creek MetroPark TRACK Trail sign in Dayton, OH.
      • Eastwood MetroPark
        • Description: Pass by lagoons, stone bridges, and prairies on this 2-mile out-and-back TRACK Trail. This flat, easy hike follows the paved Mad River Trail, and ends at a canoe put-in where you can further enjoy nature. 
        • Activity Brochures: Bug Out, Animal Athletes, Nature's Hide & Seek, Flower Power
      • Possum Creek MetroPark
        • Description: Stroll down this easy, 0.3-mile loop that offers a quiet stream and shade from the trees. The trail begins by the barn, and you may spot goats, sheep, and donkeys.
        • Activity Brochures: Animal Athletes, Nature's Hide & Seek, Types of Trees, Bug Out