Nature's Relationships

Everything is Connected

All parts of nature are connected. The relationships are not always obvious, but if we look closely we can see how everything fits together. Let's explore nature's relationships!

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Nature’s Relationships

YOU are Connected to Nature!

You may not realize it, but you are a part of the relationships of the natural world. Think about your own life and the ways you are connected to nature. Tap to check off your connections.

  • Food

    Our food comes from natural sources and the work of pollinators.

  • Lumber

    We use trees for lumber to build homes and other structures.

  • Stone

    Stone is used in the construction of buildings and walkways.

  • Paper

    Wood and other plant fibers are used to make paper for books.

  • Electronics

    Electronics use natural minerals like lithium, copper, and gold.

  • Other

    Can you think of any other natural materials you use?

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